Delia's Story

Since learning to sew at a very young age under her mother’s instruction, if it takes a thread to needle, Delia has been up to the challenge.  

An unquenchable drive to study and master her craft has culminated in decades of professional sewing experience. While having ‘sewn it all’, her heart’s desire, passion, and challenge, has always been altering bridal gowns which today is where she has found her niche.

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Where it all started

Regarding Delia, your seamstress, we must first offer you a brief glimpse before you joyfully decide to use her services. Won’t take more than 5 minutes to read, promise!

As the daughter of immigrants and the youngest of four children, Delia spent her toddler days right by her mother’s side while her siblings were in school.  Her mother was her small town’s seamstress and spent every spare minute sewing to help her father, a farm laborer, make ends meet. Delia easily followed her mother’s interests, and at the age of 5, was hand sewing clothes for her dolls.  

She decided right around that time, that she was ready to sew on her mother’s sewing machine.  And, yes, her mother let her have at it.  It was mostly doll clothes at first.

Sometime between the age of 5 and 7, she took at stab at sewing for herself.  Her first outfit was a blouse and a pair pants made from 1970’s polyester knit (Oh, no! She’s dating herself!).  She took an iron to her pants, not knowing that it was like taking an iron to plastic.  In tears, Delia was devastated and defeated.  But her mother calmly cut out an appliqué to place over the burned spot on her pants and showed her how to sew it on.  (This was the inception of learning resourcefulness and creativity).

At the ripe age of 9, Delia had two interests: sewing and softball.  One day she found herself torn between finishing sewing her doll’s outfit and playing with the neighborhood kids.  As her neighbor stood at the front door telling her to “Get finished why won’t you!!” she sped through the last seam on her doll’s skirt only to sew right through her left ring finger…..  The story told by her mother was that in the emergency room, after administering the numbing shot to remove the needle parts, the doctor said, “You probably won’t ever want to sew again after this”.  To which Delia replied, as a matter of fact, “Why of course I will.  I still have 9 more fingers.”

Throughout her adolescent years, resourcefulness and creativity blossomed out of necessity as her parents could not afford to buy her the latest styles or name brand clothes.  So, she sewed most her clothes right through high school (and to this day).  She tried higher education for a few years, majoring in accounting (makes a little sense) and even fashion design (makes more sense).  These paths did not work out for Delia.  It took her some time, years in fact, to step out in faith to do the one thing that she has always loved the most.  Simply using her hands to simply sew.

Decades of continued determined curiosity, combined with an unquenchable drive to learn, brings us to present day.  A day that reflects the fulfillment of Delia’s heart’s desire.  A typical colorful day full of white, ivory and champagne (and sometimes pink and black).  A day full of satin, silk, organza, crepe, lace and beads.  A day full of beautiful brides expressing their visions and entrusting Delia with their gowns.

Walking into her sewing studio every day is therapeutic.  The sound of shears cutting through fabric is as enticing as the sound of bacon frying (or tofu sizzling?).  Her three teenagers seem to always migrate to her studio, but she tells them that they are not allowed to be loud or act crazy in “mommy’s Zen Zone”. (Her husband can be loud and act crazy anytime).  

Have you ever felt like what you do for a living is what you were born to do?  For Delia, it has always been sewing.  She takes delight in getting to know her brides and helping them feel good, look good and confident.  And by the way, she still has 10 fingers…