Appointment Preparation


When to Start
Regardless of when your alterations are started, you should book your appointments at the same time you purchase your gown.  Peak months fill up fast!

First Fitting
Dependent on alterations needed, your first fitting should be scheduled 1 to 3 months before your wedding date.

Weight Changes
If you anticipate your weight to fluctuate (hormones, pregnancy, thyroid, weight loss, etc.), it is best to begin your alterations as close to your wedding date as possible, about 1 month or so.

Sewing emergency?  Do not hesitate to reach out.  There are times when last minute cancelations can free up an appointment.

First Appointment

Please reserve 30 minutes to an hour in your schedule on this day.

Once in your dress, it will be a conversation between us.  You may have a detailed list of what you want/need completed on your gown and as we start from the shoulders down, I will keep a close technical eye on what is possible/needed.

Service Assessment
Once we both agree that we have identified everything you need, I will generate a cost estimate.

Next Fittings
We will schedule your next fittings, usually a week or two later depending on your wedding date. Most follow up fittings run around 20-30 minutes.

What & Who to Bring

You are welcome to invite 1 guest to share this experience with you. I want to make certain that you have my undivided attention, so I try to keep guests to a minimum. I need to spend all my time focused on you and your gown to avoid any oversights.

Please do bring shoes you plan to wear (even if you do not anticipate needing your gown hemmed).  If you do not have your shoes just yet, then bring a pair with the same heel height.

Any shape wear/undergarments you plan on wearing.  I can also help you decide what’s best for your dress.


Written Price List
Wedding gown alterations are in a completely different category than most ready to wear garments (like a dress or prom gown).  Just as no two brides are alike, neither are the alterations needed on each gown and gown construction varies widely.  Providing a price without first seeing your gown on you may result in overpricing or underpricing – and I do not want that for you or me.


Cash is always preferred but VENMO, Paypal, and credit cards are accepted.  Full payment is not required until all alterations are completed.